Welcome to the Alabama Self-Storage Association

The ALSSA is an Alabama state association that was organized in 2004. This ALSSA association will help everyone in the Self Storage Industry in Alabama. A group with a strong, single voice is heard loud and clear in Montgomery.

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 ALSSA Spring Luncheon

was May 19th, 2016 - Mobile, AL

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Lien Law Changes: We must build budget

Mission Statement

  • To provide a powerful network of information and a wealth of experience to those who are part of our wish to enter the self storage industry.
  • To define and assert standards of excellence in the self storage industry within the state of Alabama
  • To provide opportunities for members to increase their knowledge of the industry through research, discussion and the exchange of information
  • To support, communicate and cooperate with the national Self Storage Association (SSA) as a chapter affiliate
  • To protect our members from adverse legislative actions and monitor all legal cases involving self storage in the state
  • The Association is comprised of owners whose facilities range from one small building to multiple locations with thousands of units.


  • To give each owner/operator a support system for dealing with problems such as building code issues, lien law problems, auctions, property tax strategies, manager education and industry visibility.
  • To provide the vehicle to link the entire industry in Alabama by publishing membership directory and holding the “grassroots” seminars and membership meetings.
  • To act as legislative watchdog.

For more information about the association or upcoming events, please contact:

Brent Fields, Administrative Officer

3719 Keswick Circle

Birmingham, AL  35242




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